CCCoin LLC - ICO Presale

Welcome to the CCCoin LLC - ICO Presale - 25% Bonus Round. CCCoin is the most socially impactful crypto-currency ever - A crypto-currency geared toward raising capital for charitable contributions - And the first charitable decentralized application created on the Ethereum platform.

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Initial Coin Offering


CCCoin is a charitable crypto-currency that raises capital through currency exchanges and donates the proceeds to notable trusted charities chosen through a democratic voting process using secure transparent blockchain technology.

The Mission of CCCoin is to try and attract people who have never donated to charity before and persuade them to get involved. The hope is they enjoy donating and find a nonprofit or charity that they love and start donating to it on their own.

We believe that with modern day Blockchain Technology, Ethereum platform and our Charity Vote we can encourage this to happen.


Trust Is The Foundation

The CCCoin-Team's biggest value add might be the teams Humanitarian Aid and Business experience – We follow up rigorously on all donations to ensure that the money is being used ethically, efficiently and intelligently.

The CCCoin website is built on Transparency we have open records to all donations posted on the website. You can see a receipt for every donation ever made. There is also a blog explaining and detailing in real time what we are doing with donations and the mindset behind those decisions.

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Be a Part of History

Come be a part of the first Socially Responsible Currency in the History of the World as we launch the first ever CCCoins into existence with the CCCoin ICO on Aug 21st 2017.

Initial Coin Offering

Understanding CCCoin

It is our Goal to ensure that the Stakeholders of CCCoin understand the Mission.

It takes Effort to Give and to Donate to Charity - We want to Create Incentives.

What if All it took was a simple Currency Exchange?

What if at least 75% from that Exchange Was Donated to Charity?

What a single coin could serve both as a mechanism of exchange and as a way to help others?


CCCoin Facts

CCCoin is the most innovative currency in history, serving as both a method of exchange and a creation of value for those in need.

  • 2,500,000

    The Amount of CCCoins distributed
    at ICO
  • 600,000

    Amount of CCCoins That will be
    Created and distributed each Year
  • 12,000,000

    Max Amount of CCCoins
    That will ever be Produced
  • 15

    How many Years it will take
    To Distribute all CCCoins

Saving the World One Currency Transaction at a Time

CCCoin adds value beyond that of just a mechanism of exchange, it adds an intangible value of also helping those in need while also serving as a more than capable currency.

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