We are launching a massive bounty campaign over the next 90 days that will run simultaneously with our Pre-ICO - The goal is to give away 100,000 CCCoins

Our reason for doing this is we want to get CCCoin(s) in the hands of the public. We want to start to develop a following, some early adopters ... a fan base if you will.

We need to give people an incentive to:

  • Email the exchanges and request that CCCoin be added
  • Open support tickets and request that CCCoin be added
  • Vote for CCCoin when it comes up on the exchange votes.

Note: There is a limit of 2,000 CCCoins per person.

Bounty Directions

So ... we will be picking certain people out and asking you - to email us your ether address. (We are doing this so that the bounty system doesn't get abused)

Just post a screen shot of an:

  • Email to the exchanges requesting that CCCoin be added
  • An open support ticket requesting that CCCoin be added
  • A Vote for CCCoin when it comes up on the exchange votes.

And don't forget to include your Mist / MetaMask / MyEtherWallet / or Parity wallet address and we will send you 50 - CCCoins

Based on our ICO price - that is the equivalent of $150 (USD)

The exchanges that we are mainly focused on right now are:

Please visit the CCCoin.Network Blog periodically for more information regarding CCCoin.Network and upcoming events

How to Participate

Step 1: Do one of the following:

Email the exchanges requesting CCCoin
Open a Support Ticket requesting the addition of CCCoin to the exchanges
Tweet the exchanges on Social Media
Vote for CCCoin to be added to the exchanges.

Step 2: Take a screenshot of this action and send it to us (Slack or Email) along with your ether address.

A list of compatible wallets is located on the ICO page.

Step 3: We will then send you 100 CCCoins.

Directions on how to add (CCC) to your wallet is also located on the ICO page.

Step 4: Do it again...

After you are done - email another exchange - tweet another exchange - open another support ticket - and vote for us again. There is no limit to how many CCCoins you can earn via the bounty program.

Note: We are looking for English / Korean, Russian, Japanese and Chinese speakers
Thank You