CCCoin LLC Initial Coin Offering

CCCoin’s are utility tokens used to cast a ballot or voice your opinion during the monthly charity vote held on the platform. A CCCoin is not to be used as a means of investment - it is not a security or a financial instrument. Attempting to invest in cryptocurrencies is risky and you should seek financial advice if that is your motivation.

If you understand and agree to the terms that CCCoin is not an Investment, Security or Financial Instrument. Please continue to the ICO by entering you email and selecting Continue

Select Logo of a Wallet for Instructions:

To participate in the CCCoin LLC ICO and Presale:


                Mist                              MetaMask                         MyEtherWallet                          Parity              

Send Ether to:


1 CCCoin = 3 USD (appx)
100 CCCoin = 1 ETH (appx)

CCCoin Information:

To add the token to your wallet - take the following steps:

Select "Add Custom Token"

Then input the following information:

Token Name: CCCoin

Smart Contract Address: 0x480ec0cd951e42c626cf8db18e5ed99da076e074

Token Symbol: CCC

Decimals: 2

Blockchain: Ethereum

Token Type: ERC20